Bio Hugo Mulder

As part of a specialist team that deals with the design of movable structures, Hugo was involved in the design of retractable stadium roofs, great observation wheels, transformable facade systems and dynamic art sculptures. Because kinetic systems require a-typical design tools Hugo develops and adapts computational techniques for dynamic problem solving and design collaboration. Since he joined Arup in 2002 Hugo has worked on various projects including the Public Library in Amsterdam, the European Extremely Large Telescope enclosure design in Chile, Qatar National Museum, the Las Vegas High Roller observation wheel and IJmuiden wind sculpture.

Co-sponsored by Arup, Hugo is currently a PhD fellow at the IT University in Copenhagen, conducting research at where the fields of design modelling and physical computing touch: the well established practice of Building Information Modelling requires extensions to reach further into the operational phase of buildings. At the same time, the built environment lacks the methods and properties that make their digital counterparts rich in searchable and connected information.

Contact Hugo at hugm[at]